A Flexible System for Countless Applications

Kennedy Products offers a flexible system of anchors, attachments, and adapters to secure a variety of equipment. All are designed so that when the equipment is unneeded, decks are free of tripping hazards and snag points for fishing lines.

All of our products are crafted to the highest quality standards from polished 316 stainless steel to withstand decades of salt and sun. Everything we make is guaranteed for life. If any of our products fail, for any reason, contact us and we will replace the defective part.

Kits and Combinations

Components can be mixed and matched to create the perfect tie down system for your application. Mouse over the images for details.


Customer Installations

A few samples of Kennedy Tie Downs in use in a variety of applications.

Thanks for providing an extremely well designed and well made option for tie downs. It sure beats the 40-year-old crappy plastic corners/straps options currently available.
— Capt. Luis Jimenez

System Components

The Kennedy system consist of three basic components: deck anchors, attachments, and adapters.

Deck Anchors

The anchor is the part of the system that permanently attaches to the deck of the boat. Four different anchor types are available.


Threaded Deck plate

  • Mounts with #10 screws or through-bolt

  • Center hole accepts T-bolt (for use with strap) or Eye-Bolt ( for use with turnbuckle)

  • Thinner with a smaller footprint than four-hole plates sold by cooler manufacturers like Yeti and Engel

Strap Deck plate

  • Mounts with #10 screws or through-bolt

  • Thinner with a smaller footprint than four-hole plates sold by cooler manufacturers

  • For use with straps only

Threaded Deck Bolt

  • Installs through-bolt style, requiring 3/8" hole and access to underside of deck

  • Threaded hole accepts either an Eye-Bolt (for use with turnbuckle) or T-Bolt (for use with strap).

Deck Loop

  • Economical option for securing gear with straps

  • Superior alternative to similar products available on Amazon and eBay, featuring lower profile and more rounded shape

  • Drilled and countersunk for #10 screws instead of #8 for improved holding


Attachments, either by themselves or in combination, form the link between the anchor and the equipment being secured.



  • Screws into either Threaded Deck Plate Threaded Deck Bolt

  • Use with our Turnbuckle, Spring Clip, or anything else that fits through


  • Screws into either Threaded Deck Plate or Threaded Deck Bolt

  • Use with our Straps or any 1" webbing strap


  • Use with our Eye-Bolt to secure coolers, platforms, and more

  • Provides maximum holding strength and longevity

  • Turnbuckle Adapter required for use with most coolers

  • Quick-release pelican hook at one end

  • Standard version adjusts from 8" to 13"; extended version 14-1/4" to 18"


  • Use with Strap Deck Plate or T-Bolt

  • UV-stabilized polyester with 316 stainless cam buckles

  • Available in lengths from 30" to 10'


Adapters allow the easy attachment of the Turnbuckle or Strap to the piece of equipment being secured.

Strap Adapter

  • Use to securely attach 1" webbing straps to coolers without molded-in attachment points

Turnbuckle Adapter

  • Use to securely attach our Turnbuckle to most roto-molded coolers, casting platforms, etc.